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Break Up Spells

Break Up Spells

“Break Up Spells That Really Work”
Divorce Spells, Separation Spells, Break Up Any Couple NOW
Custom Break Up Spells by Psychic Lexi

My break up spell services include:

1. Real white magic spells that work fast to end relationships

White magic break up spells bring harm to none. It simply “ends” the relationship and the people part ways.

It is a gentle break up but don’t confuse that with “weakness” – the spell is just as strong and fast-working as a black magic type of spell and will separate the couple but just in a more gentle way.

2. Powerful black magic spells that will get rid of love rivals permanently

Black magic will destroy the couple powerfully, often causing emotional and psychological pain to one or both parties in the couple.

Sometimes, that pain might even escalate to physical violence. This type of spell works similar to a revenge spell, in that you want one or both of the people to suffer.

3. Revenge break up spells to destroy the relationship quickly

Revenge spells are cast when you wish to “pay back” someone who has harmed you. For example, if your supposed best friend cheated on you with your spouse, you wish to punish them (either the friend or spouse or both) through a revenge spell.

Revenge break up spells work fast and the couple never gets back together again, and the pain they caused you – now they will feel themselves.

4. Fast and powerful divorce spells that will cause the couple to quarrel constantly

Divorce spells will cause a legally married couple to not only break up, but take things a step further and file for a divorce.

These fast-working spells causes one or both spouses to “walk away” from the relationship – never getting back together again. It is a permanent spell result, even if they have children together.

5. Combination love spells with the separation spell so your lover comes to be with you

If you want one of the people in the couple to fall in love with you, then cast a combination love spell and break up spell.

This will ensure the person you desire comes to be with you instead of the person they currently are with.

It works whether the couple to separate just met, are living together or even married – their bond will break and the one you want will fall in love and be with you instead.

All of my spells are permanent and TERMINATE any relationship.

I offer fast-working PERMANENT break up spells to end any couple or relationship (including your own) that you specify.

What is needed:

• The full name of at least one (1) of the persons’ in the couple. If you do not know the name of the other person, that is OK. But you must know the first name and last name (surname) of at least one of the parties.

• A photo of the person you wish to cast this spell on. This is important and makes the spell work super fast. If you do not have a photo, search online and see if that person has a picture posted (check Facebook, Instagram, even their jobs – as they sometimes post employee pictures). If you still cannot find a photo then you must provide their birth date (month, day, year). If you do not know this, the spell will work slowly, but can still work.

• A clearly stated goal. You must decide WHAT you want to happen, don’t just say “break up”. If they are married, say you desire the couple to divorce and not get back together, as an example.

• You must 21 years of age and older. NO EXCEPTIONS!

I do not need to know the reasons why you desire this couple to end their relationship, I am not your judge, but I do need the above list.

Please understand that a break up spell will not automatically cause one of the persons’ to fall in love with you! You will need to cast a love spell for that.

A break up spell does just that – break the bond between two or more persons. That is all.

I can cast a custom break up spell and love spell (this is common). Just remember to be clear with what your goal “really” is.

You must request a spell consultation.

100% break up spells custom tailored to your specific needs and goals

To Request A Break Up Spell – fill out the form below (you must be 21 years of age or older, no exceptions):

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