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free love spells that work fast

Here are three free love spells that work fast:

Spell #1:

Take a red candle and a pink candle, on one candle, inscribe the full name of the person you desire in either the red candle (for passionate love) or pink candle (for romantic love). You can do it on both candles if interested in both types of love.

Write your name on one of the candles only.

Take 9 brand new pins and stick 3 pins on each of the candles. In between the candles put the other 3 pins.

On 9 days burn the candle down to one of the pins then snuff it out (do not blow out the candle).  Take the candle wax and melt it (with pins in it OK) and then form into a new candle and stick the other 3 pins in it. Burn down to 1 pin each day for a total of 9 days (9 pins).

Take the remaining pins and put inside of a bottle and pour wiskey and honey and tighten it and keep under your bed and you will see the results you desire.

Spell #2:

Take out the heart of a dove, cook it with cardamom, cinnamon, honey all while chanting over it. Then feed it to your lover without their knowledge. They will fall madly in love with you.

Spell #3:

Take out the King of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts out of the Tarot or playing cards. Write down the name of the person you desire in the corresponding gender of the card and your name on the right gender.

Pour a drop of honey in between the cards and facing them to each other, unite both together. Pray over them you desire, and for 21 days light pink candles each day. At the end your lover will be with you and not leave you ever again.

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