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Halloween 2018

Halloween Spells and Psychic Readings 2018

Halloween is around the corner and if you don’t know already – it is one of the BEST days of the year to:

  • Contact spirits and the dead. The walls are “thin” between the afterlife and our world on Oct. 31st!
  • Cast love spells.
  • Cast break up spells.
  • Cast spells to cause someone to come back.
  • Cast revenge spells.
  • Cast healing spells.
  • Cast karmic block removal spells.
  • Cast money spells.
  • Cast business spells and employment spells.
  • Cast real estate spells.

How can you optimize this special day to cast your spell? If you are broke, try to at least light a candle with a piece of paper under it with 1 short sentence of what you want. Sit and meditate on it for at least 20 minutes. See it as reaching “heaven” and beingĀ granted.

I am also available to cast for you on this day, but you will need a Spell Reading (click here).