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Love Spells Free

Real talk about free love spells online, on Youtube and in books – read on and get love spells free of bull sh*t now!

Love Spells Free:

Are you searching for free love spells? There are tons of them online, in books and even Youtube. But, can I tell you the truth about them?


Why? Simple. They have no power. People do not understand how love spells work. And love spells free violate the basic tenants of all existence – there has to be an EXCHANGE.

Don’t close this page yet! Don’t give up. Let me tell you theĀ secret of how love spells really work.

  1. Love spells require POWER. Lighting a candle, chanting and “wishing” – is just a dream. No power = no results.
  2. You need to know how love spells Work. They need a “catalyst” to ignite passion and desire in the other person.
  3. All magick requires and EXCHANGE. Nothing in this planet is “free” – so why do you think you can get love for free?

Oh, I know what you meant when you searched for free love spells – you do not have (or do not want to give) money to someone to cast the spell for you.

You want to FORCE someone to fall in love with you – without understanding how magic works (and how DANGEROUS it can be to cast without knowledge) – and you do not want to exchange, barter or trade something for their love.

You “think” you deserve this love for free because????

For flowers to grow, rain has to fall on the ground. The sunlight has to hit the flowers. This is an exchange!

If you want a love spell to work, you need to get the POWER from an energy source. That energy source requires an EXCHANGE (they give power to your spell in exchange for something they want/need).

In Tantra, I do meditations, chants and invoke POWERS that give energy to the spell. I have to PAY them. It is an “exchange” – their power for an offering.

Yet, people still don’t understand this basic principle of life! You have to GIVE something to GET something!

Want a baby? A man has to “give” sperm into fertile egg in the womb. The woman wants a child so badly, she gives birth in TERRIBLE pain!

But you want a “free” love spell, huh? You want one of the greatest emotions in life – for “f-r-e-e”?

Sorry, the universe will not bend down to kiss your ass!!!!!!!!

Get with the program. Either learn witchcraft (takes years by the way) – or pay someone to cast the spell for you.

What, someone has scammed you? There is no such thing. The spell they cast did not work – that could be true. But unless you paid them cash – Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal – all side with the consumer and you can get ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK!

So, you have “0” excuse! Either learn witchcraft (and you still have to exchange something for power to make the spell work) – or take the short cut – hire me to cast the spell for you (you have NOTHING to lose!!!! Guaranteed by every credit card and debit card company in the world!!!!)

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