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Love Spells To Bring Him Back

Here are 2 Love Spells To Bring Him Back:

Spell #1: You will need

  1. His dirty underwear or dirty socks (cannot be clean must have his “DNA”).
  2. A photo graph of when you both were happy. (cannot substitute).
  3. 21 red candles (at least 9 inches tall).
  4. 1/2 jar filled with honey with metal cap on it.
  5. Heat proof plate or dish (where you can burn the candles)


On the photograph write his name 21 times with the words “come back to me” (put your full name).

Wrap that photograph in the dirty sock or underwear.

Place the wrapped photo inside the honey jar that is half-filled with honey. Tighten the metal cap on it. (Do not use “plastic” – must be metal cap see below).

Light the first red candle “on top” of the honey jar with the metal cap and stay up for 24 hours praying/chanting for his return.

The next day, light the next red candle, but you must remain “awake” until the candle burns out. You can stand in the altar where you have the candle and continue to pray that he returns. You can do this during the “day time” so you do not have to break night sleeping.

Continue to burn the candles for 21 days, then on the 22nd day, “bury” the jar with all the candle wax in a rose bush in the back of the house. If you do not have a house, buy a rose bush tree and bury it there, but place the indoor plant towards the “back” of the house (away from the front door).

If you do this spell right, he should come back to you within 30 days.

Spell #2:

Write his name done 108 times. Offer the blood of a dove onto the paper to your favorite deity (with their permission). Cook the dove and feed it to dogs in heat.

Within 21 days, the man you desire will return to you. Try not to argue within the first 90 days – or you will lose him for life!

These are two very ancient spells. Yes, they require blood sacrifice or you staying up 24 hours (you cannot fall asleep or otherwise the spell is broken and will not work).

The spells work – but you must do it correctly.

Can’t do blood sacrifice or stay up all night?

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