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Love Spells Wiccan Style

Wicca Love Spells are:

  • Considered white magic (because of the Wiccan Rede)
  • Generally “safe” spells.
  • Based on Wicca religion.

You have to remember that Wicca is a European based religion that is an off-shoot of general witchcraft. To cast Wicca love spells, you really have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the religion.

Wicca has only one rule – “do what you will… and harm NONE”.

That last part is where the problem begins. A true love spell will basically force/make/cajole someone into feeling love for you or anther. You would be harming them according to Wicca because you are interfering with their freedom to choose.

I know that there are Wiccan love spells, but true Wiccan’s will tell you: it is better to cast a self-love spell, than “force” someone to love you!.

Oh sure, you can kid yourself into thinking you are just “gently” presenting a “choice’ – but who are you lying to? The purpose of a love spell is that someone you desire falls in love with you – even if previously they did not want to.

Therefore, there is a contradiction in Wiccan love spells – how do you not harm someone by violating their free will?

As a trantic yogini priestess – I do not have such rules. In fact, traditionally we believe that through sidhis’ (power) – it is destiny to cause someone that refuses to love you, through love spells – to fall deeply in love with you ANYWAY!

So, I hate to tell you but if you are seeking a Wicca love spell because you think it is “safe” – you are mistaken.

Be honest with yourself – seek a real love spell that works – check out my tantric love spells here!