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Spell to Make Someone Obsessed with You

Please read about how to cast a spell to make someone obsessed with you carefully below.

Spell to Make Someone Obsessed with You

If you are seriously contemplating a spell to make someone obsessed with you – understand this very powerful spell comes with tremendous responsibility – on you!

Someone obsessed will not desire anyone else, will put all of their focused attention on YOU – and this may be harder than you think to handle.

You are causing someone to blindly love you, almost like a stalker, like people who blindly follow gurus and other without question.

I cast these types of obsession love spells for clients all the time but I tell them the TRUTH of what is going to happen:

  1. The “victim” of the love spell will constantly think of you.
  2. They will not be able to eat, sleep nor have peace unless you are near them.
  3. They will become 100% faithful – in thought, words and actions to you.
  4. They will HURT anyone that tries to interfere in their relationship with you.
  5. They will KILL if necessary (in many cases, no joke).
  6. They will DIE without you (and tell you that if you leave them, they will harm themselves – and mean it).

Obsession is a mental disorder – a disease that causes the person to act in irresponsible ways. YOU will be the total object of their desire, meaning they will be on your ass for everything.

Constantly calling you, texting you – EXTREME JEALOUSY if they feel someone else is trying to steal you away.

Yes, its fun for awhile, but they will be bound to you for the rest of their lives and yours!!!

If you are 100% sure you still want this person to be completely devoted to you to the extreme of obsession – even though I have warned you, I can cast this very powerful spell for you.

I will need:

  1. Your photograph and an article of soiled clothing of yours. (Underwear, or sock or t-shirt with pit stains ok, please put in a zip-lock bag/baggie).
  2. Your month/day/year of birth.
  3. A photo of the “victim” their full name and month/day/year of birth.
  4. Your address. I will  need to mail back to you a charm. Signature is required. No exceptions.

The ritual take 9 days to complete then the person is love obsessed over you for life. It works every single time.

I only work with individuals over the age of 21 (if you are 20 I can work with you).

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